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Welcome to Miss Lucas's Wiki Page. Your child will have homework four days a week, Monday through Thursday. Your child will be responsible for writing down the homework assignments in his/her reminder binder each day, completing, and returning the homework to school the following day. Please look at your child's reminder binder and homework after completion, and sign the reminder binder each evening. You may wish to write a brief note if needed. This is one form of communication between home/school.
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The purpose of this wiki page is to give you access to your child's daily homework. Please print the assigned pages for your child to complete.

Third Grade Homework PolicyHomework plays a vital role in supporting instruction. The goals of our third grade homework have been designed to be purposeful, allow students to engage in self-reflection, and provide students with the opportunity to assess their own needs. Our third grade team works closely together to develop homework assignments that reflect differentiated classroom instruction. Homework is intended to be completed independently and will be reviewed in class. It should not take more than 45 minutes to complete-this does not include 15 minutes of reading each evening. If it is taking longer than a total of one hour each night, please let me know so I can work together with you to modify the work to meet your child's needs. Research shows that an increased amount of homework time does not increase student achievement. It is recommended that parents check homework for completion and general understanding.
Friendly Reminder: Joining this wiki page gives you the ability to make changes to this page. However, we ask that you please do not modify any of the pages. Modifying the pages may negatively impact the ability for other students to access the homework.
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